System Requirements

This page lists the software packages required to get, build, and operate FDO on Windows XP and on Linux x86.


Package OS Requirement
bison 2.4.1/sed 4.2.1 both Regenerate filter and expression parser if grammar changes
doxygen 2.30 both Generate API reference documentation, if desired
.NET Framework version 4.0 Windows 7 Build
Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Windows 7 Build
autoconf, automake, make Linux Build
Subversion Both Update source
ArcSDE 9.1/9.3 client Both ArcSDE provider
MySQL 5.0.51 Both MySQL provider

Disk Space

Software Category Windows (MB) Linux (MB)
Repository client 16 6
Build tools 1842 12
RDBMS clients 113 115
FDO source pre-build 928 928
FDO post-build (release and debug) 5649 1755
FDO install release version 178 173
FDO install debug version 193 241