FDO Provider for GDAL

The Feature Data Objects (FDO) API provides access to data in a data store. A provider is a specific implementation of the FDO API that provides access to data in a particular data store. The FDO Provider for GDAL provides FDO with access to a variety of raster file formats supported by the OSGeo GDAL library.


The FDO Provider for GDAL has the following characteristics:

  • Read-only access is provided to raster data in supported formats.
  • Geolocation and coordinate information is read where available and depending on the capabilities of each GDAL format driver.
  • Supported formats include JPEG, GIF, PNG, GeoTIFF, NITF, Imagine, PCIDSK, DTED. Depending on optional items built into GDAL, formats including JPEG2000, ECW, MrSID, and HDF may be available.
  • Schema configuration of the data store is provided to the FDO Provider for GDAL through an XML file containing the Geographic Markup Language (GML) definition of the schema that maps raster data files in the data store to feature classes and property mappings in the FDO data model.
  • Currently the FDO Provider for GDAL does not support the MOSAIC operation. This capability is under development.
  • The FDO Provider for GDAL does not currently support the Bitonal color model. Bitonal TIFF files are promoted to 8 bit integers with values 0 and 1.


This information supplements the Establishing a Connection chapter in the FDO Developers Guide.

You can connect to FDO Provider for GDAL by specifying the DefaultRasterFileLocation of the raster file(s) that you want to use. This parameter may correspond to a single file or a directory containing a number of raster files.

More information on the GDAL library, supported formats, and specific capabilities of particular format drivers can be found at www.gdal.org. Additional release specific, and user contributed notes are available in the FDO Wiki.