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FME, the most complete spatial ETL solution, is used by thousands of GIS Professionals worldwide to quickly translate, transform, integrate and distribute spatial data. FME has long enabled Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D users to extend the format capability of their Autodesk applications. Simply running FME in conjunction with AutoCAD Map 3D allows users to access dozens of additional formats and restructure data as required.

Customer Benefits

FME implements FDO as both a provider and consumer. As a provider, FME enables FDO consumers such as Map 3D to access hundreds of CAD, GIS and database formats. An overview and movie of these capabilities are provided at From an FDO consumer perspective, FME’s graphical authoring environment, FME Workbench, can consume FDO formats from virtually any provider, open source or proprietary.

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Value to Safe Software

FDO Data Access Technology was a natural fit for Safe Software’s FME product. FDO allowed Safe to both extend FME’s format reach and make existing FME formats more widely accessible. The return on investment was high due to FDO’s rich and consistent data access model. FME is essentially more “open” thanks to FDO.

"Building this functionality was simple because FDO provides a generic interface to data, allowing Safe to build a single tool that can be leveraged in many ways to meet new market needs," says Safe Software's Felipe Vera, OEM Product Manager.

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