Road Map

The page gives an overview of the release history of FDO and the plan for future release.

For download of the releases, refers to


Version 3.4 – Status: Future Release

New development is currently done under the trunk for FDO. The current target version 3.4.


The release plan is as follow:

                Alpha – October 2008

                Beta – November 2008

                Release Candidate – December 2008

                Release – March 2009

Version 3.3.X – Status: Maintenance

After the 3.2.x branches, the structure of the repository have been reorganized to create a single location for Fdo Core and Fdo Providers.

Several version were released from that branches: 3.3.0 (build S032), 3.3.1 (build S034) and 3.3.2 (build S039).

This branch is used for maintenance releases.

Version 3.2.x Branches

FDO and the FDO Providers are distributed across different SVNvaults.One specific to FDO is called fdocore and one SVN vault for each provider.When a branch is created, it Is replicated on all the vaults. Below is an exampleforthe3.2.xbranches.


3.2.0 was the first official opensource release of FDO. Although it preserves the same functionality as 3.0 and 3.1, it breaks compatibility with the previous releases by changing the names of classes and functions. See the document more details on the changes.

3.2.x– Status: Currently no more developmentis targeted toward this branch.

3.2.2 – Status: Released (July 2007) – last build G065

3.2.1 – Status: Released (March 2007)–last build G044

3.2.1.x– Status: Active, limited patchmode – Last build G045

3.2.0 – Status: Released (December 2006)


Version 3.1.0 – Status: Released(June 2006)

It was release as preview only under different build numbers:R050 and R071.


Version 3.0 – Status: Released(February2006)

Builds G001 is the first preview release of FDO.


Older Versions

Version 1.0 and 2.0 were internal releases only.