Licence and Governance


FDO is licensed under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). Our License FAQ provides more information on our license and on our policies regarding the application of the license


FDO Open Source is part of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and as such follows the governance structure of the foundation.

Organization and Roles

  • Project Steering Committee - The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is responsible for the overall management of the FDO Open Source project. The PSC determines when releases will be made available, what enhancements and defects will go into a particular release, and who the Project Developers are. The PSC is also responsible for providing the Open Source Geospatial Foundation board with regular status reports.
  • Project Developers - A Project Developer has full commit access to the trunk of the source tree. Project Developers can directly make changes to the source base of the development branch, from which the nightly builds are made. Project Developers review and accept code submitted by Project Contributors.
  • Project Contributors - A Project Contributor is a developer who contributes patches, code, and/or documentation through the Project Tracker tool. Project Contributors do not have Subversion check-in access. Integration of a developers' contributions is at the discretion of the Project Owner and individuals in the Project Developer role. This is typically an iterative, communicative process.
  • Users - Users are the project’s reason for being. They are the individuals that use and develop applications on the FDO Open Source platform.