FDO 3.3.2 Downloads

3.3.2 February 2009 Source Windows Binaries Linux Binaries Documentation Patches

Source Code

Use these links to configure, make, and install FDO on Linux or to build FDO on Windows.

The following tar files contain source code for parts of FDO with configure / make / make install scripts.

For instructions on how to build FDO from the source code. Refer to the online documentation

FDO Core

  • fdo-3.3.2.tar.gz 
    md5: D04D288BA43055061D4B3530234615B9
    Core API files that are required to build all FDO Providers.

FDO Providers

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Windows SDK

The following tar files contains the Windows (32 bit) Managed and Unmanaged FDO SDK files, including binaries, libraries and header files.

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Linux SDK

The following tar file contains the Linux RHEL4 FDO SDK files, including libraries and header files.

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The following tar file contains the Managed and Unmanaged FDO API HTML documentation.

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The following section contains any updates/patches that have appeared after the initial release of this version. Generally, first download and install the full version, then apply patch(es)

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